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CenCom offer a procurement service to supply and install equipment and sometimes clients just purchase things themselves, either way as your IT department we need to know about it and in some scenarios it will not work until we help.

If you have used the procurement service all the work will have been done for you and the helpdesk will have done this without you normally being aware that it has been done, if however you purchase your own device and need to connect it to business resources then CenCom helpdesk will need to assist you and the following will be done,

  1. You will be given instructions of what you need to do to get it to the standards for your company, for example it might involve installing software or upgrading software on a laptop or it might be connecting and setting options on a printer to meet the needs of the network
  2. we will investigate what you need and setup the systems and device to work int he way you would like it to conforming to any pre-agreed standards for your organisation,
  3. we will test the system and document its location and add it to your supported device agreement with CenCom and it will appear on you next invoice.