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How to sync sites and find out more

Microsoft provide a rounded and helpful article with several videos that cover the basic usage of SharePoint. You can follow the link below to see how to sync SharePoint sites to your local device.

Sync SharePoint Site

Syncing data on your device

What it should be used for:

  • Editing Documents
  • Sharing Documents
  • Moving and renaming single files

What is should not be used for:

  • Renaming Folders
  • Moving Folders
  • Bulk actions: renaming files, moving files or copying data.

When and how to move/rename folders and files

Where should I make changes to folders?

  • Always make these changes online in your web browser.
  • Avoid making these changes on your device. This will add additionally syncing time and increase the margin of error when the changes apply to everyone.
  • The Diagram below represents the differences between making changes online, to changes being made in file explorer.

When to change your folder structure?

  • You have a data management policy that everyone understands and complies to.
  • An agreed schedule with your colleagues as to when the changes will be made. Ensuring that no one is using the data during the agreed time.
  • All changes have been documented before being made, as per your policy. In case said changes need to be reverted or reviewed.