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CenCom Solutions Ltd. is a small business providing Managed Services and Outsourced IT including Management, projects, consultancy and supported by a helpdesk to a range of companies around the south east of England.

Responsibilities to the team;

  • Share knowledge and success with the team. This means when you learn something new or make a change keeping documentation up to date and sharing with other team members.
  • Work together promoting Teamwork. Effectively working with each other and not in competition to ensure objectives are met and helping other team members with their professional journey.
  • Promote a clean and healthy environment We all have to work together and we should ensure we leave things tidy and secure and clean-up areas after we have used them. We should ensure waste is disposed of in the correct manner.
  • Be aware of training needs of your peers when talking with other team members if you find people could benefit from additional training highlight it to them and their line manager to assist in their CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
  • Be aware how your actions impact on the team this means communicating when you are busy or when you are taking breaks so cover is arranged, keeping workspaces clean, and communicating low or missing resources.

Responsibilities to yourself;

  • Learning and growing there are new challenges all the time and CenCom Solutions expect you to keep renewing your knowledge in line with CPD policies to allow you to meet those challenges.
  • Technologies and challenges CenCom make available software and hardware and training resources to assist in expanding your knowledge. Make use of them both in your planned learning time and out of hours as you need to.
  • Be aware of your own training needs you are working in an exciting and diverse industry, when you find a gap in your skills raise it for additional training with your line manager who is there to help you improve.
  • Be aware of how you feel. Ensure you communicate to your line manager when you feel stressed, are falling behind or need help with particular aspects.

Responsibilities to Clients;

  • Promote confidence and trust in CenCom Solutions and their processes which means keeping communication concise, confident and professional at all times.
  • Data integrity and Security at the heart of all work and decisions made Meaning we always check backups, never leave systems without antivirus/security software and ensure all best practices are understood and followed at all times.
  • Understand client’s business requirements and processes. This means asking clients what they want to achieve and work within the standards of the client and CenCom Solutions.
  • Know about available technology to provide solutions for day to day requirements so keeping up to date with technological developments.
  • Take ownership of problems and see them through to completion. This means being personally responsible for work assigned and ensure it is completed within agreed time.
  • Be Pre-emptive Effective and Constructive in all Communication this means informing users of things which will affect them, the timing of work and thinking of users questions before they have voiced them.
  • Be Pro-active in all work. This means avoiding users chasing technicians and wherever possible having work planned to meet objectives.