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The New Windows 10 and you

Many of you will have had the new “creators update” deployed and many more will have it delivered over the coming weeks so we thought we would explain what is happening and why some inconvenience may be a good thing.
Firstly, as you may be aware Microsoft have realised that with the fast movement of technology and demands of users the operating system needs to develop as the apps and hardware do, this means they release major updates regularly.

This latest update is called the Creators Update and it brings some nice whistles and bells but we have to be honest you will notice very little difference however there are some interesting changes which make this update worth while.
Better resource management, this should mean your system runs more smoothly.
Paint 3d, yes MS Paint now can draw in 3d, give it a try.
Other than that there is little for you to directly get excited over however there are new security features

1. More settings integration
2. Better firewall and increased defender security
3. an emoji keyboard
4. Sticky notes are now integrated with cortana for quick note taking and reminders
5. night mode, Blue Light reduction, to save you from eye strain when you work late
6. Paint3D
7. Improved Edge tab control
8. Tab Set Aside, web pages you want for later, set aside in a dock instead of cluttering up the tabs

Find out more about it here.