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Websites are becoming secure by default, Should yours?

You will probably have seen some sites start https:// and others only http:// and you may have read all the advice about making sure you can see a padlock when you are on your bank website or you are entering your payment details.

Why might you want to do this to your website.

Security and Privacy of your users

When using HTTPS the data your visitors enter into any forms, the clicks them make on the pages and the cookies they download, which might contain information about them and their computer system, are encrypted, this means no-one other than the site, and the visitor can read the information. Conversely if you use HTTP then all that information is in “plain text” which enables others connected to the same network to read the information. If the connection the visitor is using is an un-encrypted public wifi then all the information is in the “air” and accessible to anyone who can receive the radio transmission.

In conclusion,

With a certificate starting at as little s £15 and new providers on the market making free certificates which are trusted as well as most providers now being able to use SNI to share IP addresses it seems there are no excuses left not to run your website securely and ensure your visors and clients can be sure their data and the data you provide them is secure and private.

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