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A hot tmobile_3g_v_4gopic for many people in today’s society is: why cant I get any 3G service here? This is due to coverage of 3G mobile internet only being required to cover 80{b53b8f90c42e8e2d379a8faf296e29b3b07b7871cbe49d6d87e0a17a43247252} of the population, while 20{b53b8f90c42e8e2d379a8faf296e29b3b07b7871cbe49d6d87e0a17a43247252} of the nation is left in the dark. This causes a real problem for some people who travel, or live in areas of low population, who need this service to send or receive data on their phones, be it sending e-mails or receiving directions. Whatever it is, people aren’t receiving this service, which frankly is incredibly disappointing as many people are paying extortionate amounts for a service that does not work half the time, or is incredibly slow.

However many service providers are suggesting that the upgrade to faster 4G, which boasts 500Mbps upload & 1Gbps download speeds (though currently this performance has not been met anywhere). Furthermore Ofcom state that they want to cover 100{b53b8f90c42e8e2d379a8faf296e29b3b07b7871cbe49d6d87e0a17a43247252} of the British population, explaining that they are currently employing people to survey and discover ways of getting broadcasts to restricted areas, with either new towers, or satellites. Until this is completed, we are unfortunately stuck with slower 3G, and with 4G restricted to people in high density areas.