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Everyone knows moving can be stressful, but when it impacts on your business and decisions you make impact on system usability and costs for years to come you need to get the right advice

CenCom can be as involved or as advisory as you would like, we advise asking us as early in the process as possible and letting us know everything so we can supply the best advice. The biggest mistakes however are as follows,

  1. Choosing the new site without checking the broadband speed available first – there is a reason it is cheep!
  2. Forgetting to plan where the connection equipment and server are going to go – they are noisy and take up as much space as an employee with their desk, but they are your most reliable employee and never take holiday and only occasional time of sick so look after them.
  3. Power and network/phone points – you will need a double socket and a double RJ45 network point within 2 meters of every desk a person is going to sit at not just today but for years to come, it is lower cost to get that right before you move than a year down the line trying to add ports. “enough” is never enough.