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Endpoint Security

CenCom Solutions manage the threat to your security in a number of layers,

Patch management

Vulnerabilities remain amongst the most disruptive and damaging types of problem experienced in real-world networks. attackers will target any exploits on unpatched computers in an attempt to compromise security by gaining access to the device itself and/or the network it is connect to; and the information they both contain.

Failure to patch vulnerabilities can soak up large amount of time and resources both for the customer through lost productivity (as they wait on their devices becoming accessible again) and for the technician when remediating the problem and cleaning up the system.

As the number and variety of threats exponentially multiples, it becomes increasingly impractical, tedious and time-consuming to manually ensure that the customers’ networks have all of the latest patches from key software vendors installed without using effective tool to automate this process; especially as the time taken between the discovery of an exploit and the release of a patch to close the vulnerability reducing.

Using an effective patching solution is one of the most effective pro-active steps that can be taken towards reducing our customer’s exposure to vulnerabilities and minimising the level of disruption you may experience with unpatched systems.

We have include a vulnerability scanning and Patch Management solution based on technology licensed from LanGuard.

The Patch Management feature provides an effective and efficient solution not only for Microsoft Windows and Office applications security patches (particular targets for attackers based on their almost ubiquitous presence) but also non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Java and more.

Antivirus Protection

Malware poses one of the largest security threats to every company and as devices become increasingly interconnected and the number of threats in the wild exponentially increase it is vital to ensure that each endpoint has antivirus protection, to not only protect that specific computer but by extension the whole network it will connect to.

To meet this endpoint protection requirement we have developed a Managed Antivirus solution deployed, monitored, reported on and administered directly by CenCom Solutions, with the option to allow end-user interaction if required (run scans, update threat definitions etc.) Managed Antivirus uses the Bitdefender engine, offering comprehensive endpoint antivirus protection with low system usage. Clean, fast, and powerful.

Every aspect of Managed Antivirus from the type of protection offered, including the scan schedule, remediation action (i.e. what to do if a threat is discovered), file and folder exclusions, to the end-users interaction with the product is controlled via Protection Policies. We can develop custom policies to precisely match your company requirements,

If you already have your own Antivirus solution CenCom will of course work with you with this existing solution and our monitoring software can tell if it is up to date and providing it is centrally managed we will use your system to report back infections and problems however our best service can be obtained using our managed antivirus.

Antivirus protection is available from £1.25 per device per month

Web protection

As the number of web-based security threats multiply – from Phishing sites, proxies, websites pushing Malware to spyware, adware and botnets – it is vital that to consider  web security to avoid accidentally straying onto malicious websites.

With the Web Protection CenCom Solutions can deliver web security, web filtering and web bandwidth monitoring for workstations anyplace, anytime and all configured and managed directly by CenCom.

Web Protection can be installed on each monitored device and provides full visibility of the user’s online
activity regardless of their location, including the websites they have visited, its website category (Adult and Pornography, Hate and Racism, Illegal etc) and reputation (Trustworthy, Suspicious, High risk etc) along with the web bandwidth consumed.

CenCom Leverage an extensive site categorisation database to provide URL coverage for over 280,000,000 domains. Web Protection is designed to provide optimal browsing speed through the use of multiple categorization servers strategically positioned around the globe. This affords the highest level of flexibility without a loss in performance and is ideal for both stationary and highly mobile organizations.

CenCom can help your organisation take control over every aspect of Web Protection from the website white and black lists, category of website to allow or block, schedule (for example during office hours) as well as bandwidth control CenCom Solutions can write a policy which matches your company protection requirements.

CenCom Solutions if required can supply reports data at the network level and provide an enhanced view of all web traffic from the device, including both programmatic and browser based activity (including incognito sessions). To make the end user aware that Web Protection is running, a taskbar icon can be displayed on the monitored device. Web Protection may be configured to provide a notification whenever a site is blocked, along with providing the user with the ability to view and clear any messages in this notification panel. Although the user can clear the notification, the information is still uploaded to the report for CenCom to review if required

We are aware that some users and companies may have data privacy considerations, Talk to CenCom about how you might adjust your company policies to meet your needs and keep your staff and customers safe.

Web protection is available from £1.50 per device per month