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Users often have problems with their systems which require the helpdesks assistance to resolve, an example might be when a printer is not printing anything for a user but working for others.

The solution will be found through a process which will involve three stages,

  1. We define the problem, this is in essence making sure we understand the issue, we may ask the user to demonstrate the problem and we will take all the information we can to help us resolve the issue as quickly as possible, it is not uncommon at this stage for a technicians to quickly move through stage 2 and 3 and the problem is immediately rectifiable (as in the example above maybe the printer is set to “work offline” and the tech can change the selection then and their).
  2. We then Diagnose the problem, this might involve working with the user’s computer, with the other resources on the site to theorise and eliminate causes for the problem until we reach a confirmed cause for the problem (in the above example the local users print spooler has a stuck document).
  3. Resolution. This is the point at which we apply whatever fix is required to resolve the problem for the user. sometimes even when we know the problem the solution can be elusive because it is a hardware failure requiring onsite or warranty parts to solve, in the example above however you would expect the technician to use our remote software to remove the stuck documents and restart the print spooler and then to call and confirm with the user that the printer is now working

If at stage three the answer is that the solution has not worked the technician will review “1” and then move back to “2” and continue, they may need additional time or to talk to a technician with additional experience to help them, but the process will remain the same.