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This was is a long process and involved in this case the discussion a year before the move and assisting in a “beauty parade” of properties, once the decision was made CenCom managed the project to move IT services and systems¬†including

  1. Setting up the new broadband and ensuring it was live and working 30 days before the move date
  2. Working with an existing telecoms provider to migrate existing numbers to a new provider, and the installation of a new phone service using a hosted IP PBX system
  3. setting up of new network equipment and managing a cable installation and working with the company to ensure there were RJ45 network ports at every place they were going to be needed, both on the day of the move and the years to come at the new office.
  4. before the move completed making sure all contingencies were in place and good backups in place in case of problems
  5. on the day moving the server and network equipment to the new location and ensuring it was in place and working.
  6. Our staff helped users move their workstations, printers and personal IT items to the new office and made sure all users were setup and ready for work
  7. provided assistance with teething the new systems and the moved systems for the following day to ensure the services were back to 100{b53b8f90c42e8e2d379a8faf296e29b3b07b7871cbe49d6d87e0a17a43247252} including all backups, printing, internet connectivity and users remote access to the site.