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Solid stassdhybrid_imagete drives or SSDs are beginning to replace hard disk drives (HDD), and many of you will not understand the difference between the two. However there is a big difference between the two, and not just the price.  Despite the fact that an SSD drive with a capacity of 500Gb  can cost up to and over 5 times the amount of an equal sized HDD; many organizations are creating their newest products with solid state drives. This is due to the different methods of which HDD and SSD keep hold of your data, the older HDD’s save your data by recording onto a magnetic disk that spins within the drive, whereas the newer SSD use flash memory which means that your data is placed onto microchips. This means that HDD is physically bigger than an SSD meaning the product (i.e. Laptop) will be bigger and heavier. On top of this HDD can be easily damaged during transport if it is handled too roughly which is a common occurrence for Laptops and Netbooks. Finally the read/write speed on an SSD is a lot faster than an HDD due to the required time the magnetic disk needs to get up to the specified RPM, this means apps and operating systems will boot a great deal slower on an HDD; which could mean the difference between getting your work done on time, or spending that extra few hours at the office. Despite the current price of solid state drives, we believe they will soon replace hard disks as their storage capacity increases, and the demand for faster and safer data storage increases.